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[TW: Sexual Violence]

Any sexual activity that happened without consent is an act of violence. This Sexual Assault Awareness Month, let's break the silence and stand together in support. At The STAR Centre, we're here to listen, believe, and empower. You're not alone. 💜 #SAAM #AnyBodyAnyTypeAnyTime
We are thrilled to announce that our new website is now live! Discover all the exciting new resources we have added and be sure to check out our brand new blog. Visit www.starcentreayrshire.org to explore all the updates. We can't wait for you to see it!
We can't wait to show you all the updates and improvements we've made to our website 🌐 Stay tuned for our big reveal! 🎉 #excited #freshlook #comingsoon
Are you passionate about supporting survivors of sexual violence? Do you have skills and expertise you're eager to contribute to this meaningful cause?  If so, join our Board of Trustees! 

The STAR Centre is dedicated to providing first class sexual violence and prevention education whilst supporting anybody who has experienced any type of sexual violence at any time. This is an exciting time to join our team, as we embark on new initiatives and strategies, your input and expertise will play a crucial role in shaping our centre. 

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life to apply. We especially encourage applications from those with a financial background, less represented groups, or individuals who have previously benefitted from our services. Your unique perspective and experiences will enrich our discussions, and decision-making process. 

If you're interested in this exciting challenge and want to help shape the future of our centre, please call 01563 544 686 or email admin@starcentreayrshire.org
Has your school signed up to @rapecrisisscot 's ESAS programme? Swipe to find out more about what it is and how you can get involved !
Our prevention workers are always dotting around Ayrshire providing education to young people on consent, relationships and sexual violence 🚗 🚅 If you would like us to visit your school, youth group, college or university please get in touch on prevention@starcentreayrshire.org

The STAR Centre is getting some repair work done to our porch. This means that there will be workers moving around the property, and some industrial noise/banging as it is being worked on. 

If you feel like this may get in the way of an upcoming appointment with us, please get in touch! We will always do everything we can to ensure that everyone coming to the centre feels safe. 💜
🖤 🤍 💜Celebrating International Asexuality Awareness Day! 🖤 🤍 💜 Let's spread love, acceptance, and understanding for all ace individuals. Remember, everyone's journey is unique and embracing diversity makes our world a brighter place. 🌎 Let's raise awareness, break stereotypes, and support each other on this journey to self-discovery and acceptance. #AsexualityAwareness #AcceptanceMatters #IntAsexualityAwarenessDay #AnybodyAnytypeAnytime
[TW: Discussion of sexual violence, false allegations] 
During some of our prevention workshops there have been a number of myths and misconceptions around relationships, sex and sexual violence. For this reason, on the first Monday of each month we will be debunking some of the common myths around sexual violence. [We have scheduled these on the 1st Monday of each Month so that any survivors following us know to avoid them if they don't want to read them. If they do bring anything up, the STAR centre is always here for support.]

Time and time again we hear about a rise in
At the STAR centre, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for all survivors of sexual violence, regardless of gender identity or expression. We recognise the unique challenges that trans and gender diverse individuals may face, and we are dedicated to offering inclusive and affirming services to meet their needs.

On this day of trans+ visibility, we want to remind all survivors that you are not alone. We see you, we hear you, and we will support you. Our team of highly trained professionals is here to offer confidential support, advocacy, and resources.

If you are a survivor of sexual violence and identify as trans or gender diverse, please know that you are welcome at the STAR centre. Your experiences are valid, and your well-being is our top priority. You deserve to be heard, believed, and supported.

#anybody #anytype #anytime
Happy Transgender Day of Visibility! 💗 🤍 💙 Swipe through to learn more about what today is all about -->
Today we're pulling from our International Women's Day Campaign for Women's History Month!💜 

A serial winner throughout her career, Rose won eight Series A titles, a French title and four Italian Cups. She also won World Cup in 1984, and was voted the best women's player in the world in the same year. 
#InspiringAyrshire #internationalwomensday #WomensHistoryMonth
✨Women's History Month week 5: Virginia Woolf ✨
In honour of Women's History Month, we're shining a spotlight on Virginia Woolf. Often considered the founder of modern feminist literary criticism, her works explored the role of gender, class and sexuality in a variety of different settings. 

One significant work that showcases Woolf's exploration of gender identity is
For this week's instalment of Women's History Month we're pulling from our International Women's Day Campaign!💜 

Alexandra Kollontai was a revolutionary feminist who tirelessly fought for women's liberation, and later came to be recognised as a key figure in Marxist feminism.

#IWD2024 #AyrshireIWD #InspiringAyrshire #internationalwomensday #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #InternationalWomensDay2024 #UnsungHeroes #WomensHistoryMonth
✨Woman of the Week: Frances 'Fanny' Wright ✨
In honour of Women's History Month, we're shining a spotlight on Frances 'Fanny' Wright. Hailing from Dundee, she was not only an abolitionist and feminist but also a prolific author and advocate for universal education, emancipation, birth control, equal rights, and sexual freedom. Her legacy continues to inspire us to strive for a more just and equitable world. You can visit her plaque in her birthplace to honour her remarkable life! 

#WomanoftheWeek #Scottishheroine #WomansHistoryMonth #AnybodyAnytypeAnytime
Happy World Downs Syndrome Day!

 As a charity that focuses on sexual violence and its prevention, today felt like an important opportunity to discuss the exploration of sexuality for people with downs syndrome. People with downs are often left out of conversations about sex and consent as there is a misconception that they
🧠 ♾️Embracing neuro-inclusive consent education! Did you know that neurodiverse individuals may struggle with social cues? In The STAR Centre's consent workshops, we provide a safe space to explore and understand these cues. Remember: not everyone finds relationships easy to navigate and that's okay. Let's promote inclusivity and healthy relationships for all. #Neurodiversity #InclusiveConsentEducation #AnybodyAnytypeAnytime
We’re proud to be supporting Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024! 🌟
Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a worldwide initiative that challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological differences.
Together let’s change the narrative to understand, accept, and celebrate neurodiversity! 

#NeurodiversityCelebrationWeek #NeurodiversityWeek #NCW #ThisIsND
✨Women's History Month week 3: Jan Morris ✨

In honour of Women's History Month, we're shining a spotlight on Jan Morris. She initially achieved fame as the newspaper reporter who broke the story of Sir Edmund Hilary's ascent of Everest. She was a soldier, an award-winning journalist, a novelist and an acclaimed travel writer.

Jan was also a pioneer in her personal life, as one of the first high-profile figures to change gender. Due to the laws at the time, transitioning meant Jan was forced to divorce her wife, Elizabeth. In 2008, almost 60 years after first getting married, Jan and Elizabeth were able to remarry through a civil partnership. They continued to live together until Jan passed away in 2020.

Her life story was crammed with romance, discovery and adventure. Jan's story is an inspiration for all those who strive to be true to themselves no matter the obstacles they may face.

For this week's instalment of Women's History Month we're pulling from our International Women's Day Campaign! The following entries are of women from historic events that inspire people in Ayrshire 💜 

Mary Seacole was a nurse during the Crimean war and set up a hospital called the